How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost? And Why it Is Worth It

Collaborate and design the perfect menu with your Chef.

Thinking of ways to stand out at your next dinner party or date night? Or maybe you're looking to change things up and want to take a night off from cooking. Hiring a personal chef could be the solution, and it's surprisingly more affordable than you'd think.

The idea of hiring a personal chef has always seemed like a faraway dream for many. However, with INTUEAT's in-home chef services designed for some differing budgets, you can easily book personal chef services for any occasion. It's as easy as selecting the chef of your choice, collaborating to create delicious meal planning, and setting the date. The rest will be history.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? We've broken the cost down to ensure you have full transparency throughout the process.

How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost?

There's no one size fits all price range when it comes to private chef costs. Several variables determine the cost, and pricing will vary depending on your chef of choice and specific situation.

The cost of hiring a personal chef changes depending on factors like:

  • The number of guests
  • Your chosen chef's personal rates

The price for hiring a personal chef also depends on whether it's a one-meal event or if you'd like to hire them more frequently. Hiring a personal chef is not completely attainable; however, it is a service that’s worth every penny.

How Much Does a Full-Time Personal Chef Cost?

Depending on whether you hire through a third-party service or source a private chef directly, pricing is bound to fluctuate for every setting. The national average for hiring a full-time personal chef is around $465 per week. Some chefs charge by the hour, while some may charge a flat rate for a set amount of time, and others might charge a combination of the two. 

In some cases, pricing for a full-time personal chef may increase based on dietary preferences and additional job duties, such as shopping for ingredients, accounting for food allergies, extra meal preparation, bringing in extra staff for larger events, and clean-up.

How Much Do Personal Chefs Cost for a Date Night?

Want to add a little spice and make your next date night even more special by hiring a private chef? Pricing for most personal chefs varies based on a multitude of factors. With INTUEAT, chefs are carefully vetted to ensure you receive top-tier services at all times. The cost for all services is bundled conveniently to meet your needs. 

The overall cost will depend on the chef you select, their skill level and experience, and what they offer. You may want to eat something different than your partner, you may require more in-depth food preparation, or one of you may have special dietary restrictions — and that's okay. 

These wholesome meals should be everything you want for your special night, which is why we provide full transparency as we work to connect you with the right chef and curate the perfect menu for you. Typically, pricing will start at around $50 per person and, depending on your preferences, could be as much as $250+ per person.

How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost for a Private Dinner Party?

Tailored to your specific needs, hiring a personal chef service for your next private dinner service may be more expensive than a chef-prepared date night but still more memorable than going out and dining at a local restaurant as a large group. The delicious food also out-classes any meal delivery services you could imagine. It lets you be the "host with the most" while also allowing you to have an intimate dinner where you can talk, laugh, and bond with your guests. 

Pricing for a dinner party will vary based on:

  • The number of guests 
  • The chef’s expertise
  • Additional staff (often needed for larger parties)

Many personal chefs require a minimum headcount to book them for a dinner party. This allows them to plan accordingly and can help determine the number of courses and types of cuisine that will be served, as well as if there will be a need for additional service staff for the event. 

Why Hire a Personal Chef?

There are so many reasons why you may consider hiring an at-home chef. If you're considering the idea but haven't decided yet, let's look at just four reasons why you should hire private chefs. 

  1. Save time: Spend your time relaxing and making great memories with your loved ones or guests rather than being stuck grocery shopping or in the kitchen ensuring everything is ready to serve.
  2. Eat healthier: With a meal plan crafted for your specific needs, you can balance your diet and avoid those rushed stops at the closest fast food restaurant. Your body will feel better, and the food will taste better. Talk about quality! 
  3. Expand your palette: Want to try something new but not sure what to order or concerned you won't like sub-standard restaurant quality? When you hire a personal chef, they have a lengthy list of specialty cuisines they can prepare for you. You can talk with them about flavors or textures you may not like, and they can actively avoid them in your meals and tell you what dishes may taste like. 
  4. Treat yourself (and your guests): This is a great way to surprise your friends, family, or co-workers. A night of delicious meals in the comfort of your house? Sounds like a dream, right? They'll think so, too. Plus, you deserve to spoil yourself without the hassle of worrying about cleaning up afterward.

Interested in Hiring a Personal Chef? Book With INTUEAT

INTUEAT makes booking a professional chef quick and accessible, so there's never any confusion about what you'll be spending. When you want to take dinner to the next level, browse our list of hand-selected chefs

Each chef specializes in different cuisines and offers a unique level of experience. No matter what type of event you're hosting, special occasion you're celebrating, or if you simply want to do something special for yourself, we've got a chef that’s perfect for you. 

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