Private Chef Dinner for Two: A High-Class Experience You Will Never Forget

Collaborate and design the perfect menu with your Chef.

"Perfect date night" is easier said than done. Between reservation waiting lists to hunting down parking and finding the grocery store is out of chives, romance gets lost in the shuffle. Thankfully wooing your partner without losing your cool has never been easier. 

A private chef dinner promises an evening where you never lose focus on each other. With a professional chef in the kitchen, everything is served on time and to your specifications — along with artisanal flair. And you don't need to wait for a birthday celebration or once-in-a-lifetime celebration to make your romantic dinners more special than ever. 

Not Your Typical Date Night

It's time for your date. You've blocked off the evening, gotten dressed, and remembered to turn off the phones. But instead of heading to the car, you open a bottle of Dominus Estate Christian Moueix and relax at the dining room table. 

Tantalizing aromas fill the air as your hired chef works away in the kitchen, preparing your first course of the night. You lose yourself in conversation with no worries over a loud party at the next table, choosing the designated driver, or where the server has disappeared to. 

Sounds like a wonderful experience, right? This is no average date night. Instead of spending half a day reading restaurant reviews or hunting down ingredients, a private meal with a professional chef provides the convenience of fine dining paired with the intimacy of home.

Crafted Menu From a Professional Private Chef

A personalized menu with great food further sets a private dinner apart from a night out. You can work with your chef to design a menu around your tastes or allow them full creative range in the kitchen. The meal begins with choosing your professional. Their expertise, specialties, and cooking experience will guide your decision. 

The menu options are endless. Consider, for instance: 

  • Teppanyaki. Developed after World War II in Japan, this cuisine features meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked on an iron griddle. The resulting dishes are often salty, garlicky, and just a little sweet. Sometimes confused with hibachi, teppanyaki can be grilled, seared, broiled, or pan-fried.
  • Roasted grape and fennel tartine. A creamy delight offering layers of the savory, herbaceous, and sweet. 
  • Pork roulade. When perfectly prepared, this dish is delicately tender with hints of cinnamon and hazelnut and a smoky aftertaste. 
  • Cheesy marinara baked eggplant. Naturally gluten-free, this amazing ingredient combination is reminiscent of a sweet and creamy Italian pie. 
  • Torta milhojas. Sweet, nutty, and flaky, this Chilean cake may just contain the thousand layers of its name. The recipe can also be adjusted to add some deliciously savory notes.
  • Blood orange meringue tart. A twist on the classic, this dessert offers clouds of toasted meringue atop a vibrant orange curd with an addictively tart edge. For a dairy-free option, the butter can be subbed with other fats. 

Embrace your inner foodie as you imagine your made-to-order menu. A personal chef can also cook foods sensitive to dietary needs like great gluten free options. Consider surprising your date with professional versions of some of their favorite foods. 

Interactive Experience or an Intimate Night

Do you want to spend an evening wrapped up in each other as you indulge in exquisite cuisine, the chef fading into the background between serving dishes? Or would you prefer an interactive experience with some culinary lessons and ingredient sampling along the way?   

INTUEAT chefs are adept at customizing their style to your needs. Whether an intimate dinner or a guided food journey, the evening will be steered according to your specifications. We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations at every turn.   

INTUEAT Private Chef Experience

Lavish date nights don't have to be reserved for busy restaurants when we can bring them to your front door. With INTUEAT's services, hiring a personal chef has never been easier. 

Vetted Experts

We understand that you're not looking for a simple home-cooked meal. That's why every chef we partner with is hand-selected. Through an extensive vetting process, we choose chefs based on their expertise, unique specializations, and ability to provide exceptional hospitality. INTUEAT's private chefs each have over 10 years of experience and are masters of their craft - it's like having a sous chef on v.  

The selection process is conducted by our team of culinary experts with over 50 years of high-level operational experience in hospitality. While we handle the details, your only job is to relax. 

One-Click Process

INTUEAT makes it easy to get your next date on the books. To access some of the best chefs and delicious meals in the nation, just follow these simple steps. 

  1. Visit the booking dashboard
  2. Input your date of choice and location, then add "2" to the headcount. 
  3. Browse through the chefs currently available. Here you can review their specialties and rates.
  4. Select the chef that aligns with your needs and verify your information. 
  5. Put down a deposit and get excited.

Once the booking is confirmed, you can communicate with your chef directly and start the planning process. 

Private Chef Dinner for Two With INTUEAT

INTUEAT was born out of a desire for a private romantic dinner. In 2018 our founder, Leonardo De Aguiar, found that it took exhaustive searching to arrange a catered meal for his fiancée at home. Enter the idea of a platform that easily connects chefs with the public. We have been taking romance to the next level ever since. 

Personal chef services turn a date night into an intimate culinary adventure. Once your date is scheduled, all you have to worry about is how much you can eat. Our chefs handle every bit of the shopping, prep work, cooking, and serving, before leaving you with a spotless kitchen. They even bring their own cookware and tableware. Our private chefs also specialize in serving for a dinner party or other larger parties.

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Feeling inspired to start planning your own event? Find your INTUEAT personal chef in Sarasota, Denver, Colorado Springs, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale!

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