The Best 21 Things to Do In Aspen, Colorado

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 Situated within the heart of Colorado's Elk Mountains, Aspen stands as a testament to the union of untamed wilderness and refined elegance. Its landscape, at once robust and pristine, draws parallels with Europe's esteemed ski locales, enticing adventurers and romantics from every corner of the globe. As seasons shift, so does the very essence of Aspen. Whether blanketed by the ethereal beauty of winter snow or illuminated by the lush greenery of summer, this mountain town seamlessly adapts, presenting an ever-changing array of experiences. Here, the adrenaline junkie, the creative spirit, and the introspective traveler each find a haven that resonates with their desires.

Aspen Mountain

Affectionately christened 'Ajax' by locals, Aspen Mountain isn't just a mountain; it's an institution. Spanning over 675 acres, its winter terrains provide challenges and delights for skiers and snowboarders, irrespective of their skill levels. Beyond its pistes, Aspen Mountain boasts a rich history, having been central to the town's development and transformation into a world-renowned ski destination. The mountain’s runs are beautifully complemented by cozy lodges that offer warmth, both literally and metaphorically, providing opportunities for relaxation after a day on the slopes. When summer arrives, Aspen Mountain transforms. The snow makes way for wildflower-laden paths and sunlit trails that are a hiker's and mountain biker's dream. Whether you’re ascending its heights or dining at the Sundeck Restaurant, Aspen Mountain promises panoramic vistas that encapsulate the Rockies in all their glory.

John Denver Sanctuary

More than just a tribute to the legendary musician, the John Denver Sanctuary is a soulful journey through landscapes shaped by lyrics and melodies. Each engraved stone you encounter while wandering its trails offers a snapshot of Denver's profound connection to nature and, specifically, to Aspen. Notably, the sanctuary stands as a testament to the environmental consciousness that Denver championed, underlining the importance of nature conservation. The meticulously manicured gardens, blooming in seasonal splendor, are traversed by the Roaring Fork River, adding a serene soundtrack to your visit. The sanctuary also hosts gatherings and sing-alongs, especially during the annual John Denver Celebration, where fans from around the globe unite in music and memories.

Aspen Brewing Company

Dive into Aspen's vivacious craft beer culture at Aspen Brewing Company. A genuine testament to the town's passion for artisanal brews since 2008, this brewery encapsulates Aspen's lively spirit in every bottle and glass. Beyond the brewing process, the company actively engages with the local community, frequently hosting events and supporting local causes. From the rich, amber hues of their flagship ales to the effervescent bubbles of their seasonal lagers, there's a story and a flavor profile behind every pour. Interested visitors can embark on an enlightening tour that spans the journey from grain to glass, followed by tastings that tantalize the palate. On weekends, the brewery's ambient taproom often resonates with the chords of live music, offering both rhythm and refreshment.

Hire a Personal Chef

Amplify your Aspen experience with a bespoke culinary journey, curated by a personal chef dedicated to tantalizing your taste buds. Aspen’s culinary scene is both diverse and exquisite, with influences ranging from the rustic flavors of the Rockies to the delicate nuances of international cuisines. Personal chefs in the region often have strong relationships with local farmers and suppliers, ensuring the use of the freshest ingredients available. Moreover, these culinary experts are attuned to dietary needs and preferences, making sure every dish aligns with the unique desires of their clients. When you hire a personal chef in Aspen, you’re not just commissioning a meal; you’re commissioning an experience. Imagine a candlelit dinner in your chalet, with each course reflecting the freshness and creativity of local produce. From wine pairings to dessert decadences, it’s Aspen’s culinary world tailored just for you.

Maroon Bells

Often hailed as the crown jewels of the Rockies, Maroon Bells isn’t merely a destination — it’s an emotion. These twin peaks, juxtaposed against the mirror-like Maroon Lake, offer a visual symphony that shifts with every hour and season. Sunrise, for instance, bathes the peaks in a golden hue, creating ephemeral moments that photographers cherish. The surrounding meadows, teeming with wildflowers during warmer months, add another layer of breathtaking beauty to the landscape. In the autumn, the foliage explodes into vibrant hues of orange and gold, offering a contrasting backdrop to the alabaster peaks. Multiple trails cater to various fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can find their own unique vantage point. For the more intrepid, overnight camping under the starlit Aspen skies at Maroon Bells is an experience that epitomizes wilderness and wonder.

Aspen Art Museum

Step into Aspen's vibrant artistic pulse at the Aspen Art Museum. More than a mere repository of art, this institution, with its avant-garde architecture, stands as a dialogue between contemporary aesthetics and the timeless beauty of Aspen's landscapes. Notably, the museum prides itself on being non-collecting, which means its exhibitions are always rotating, bringing in new works and ensuring dynamic experiences for visitors. Furthermore, its commitment to accessibility is evident in its free admission policy, inviting art enthusiasts and novices alike to immerse themselves without barriers. Curated exhibitions feature a dynamic range of artists, mediums, and messages, ensuring that every visit offers fresh perspectives. Engage deeper with art through the museum’s myriad of programs — from intellectually stimulating lectures to hands-on workshops. And when it's time for a breather, the rooftop cafe combines gourmet delights with expansive views, turning every meal into a masterpiece.

Buttermilk Mountain

A name synonymous with the Winter X Games, Buttermilk Mountain is where adrenaline meets aesthetics. Catering predominantly to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders, Buttermilk's gentle slopes are the ideal training grounds for those new to winter sports. The mountain also boasts an acclaimed ski school, where seasoned instructors utilize the forgiving terrain to impart skills and confidence to novices. Moreover, for those looking for more than just snowy escapades, the on-mountain Cliffhouse restaurant provides culinary respite with its hearty meals and unparalleled mountain vistas. Its three distinct areas — Tiehack, Main Buttermilk, and West Buttermilk — each bring a flavor of their own. But beyond winter, Buttermilk unfurls into a canvas of verdant greens, offering mountain biking trails, hiking routes, and panoramic spots perfect for a midsummer picnic. If you're fortunate, you might even witness one of the many competitions hosted here, where athletes defy gravity and showcase breathtaking feats.

Aspen Highlands

For many, Aspen Highlands is the embodiment of skiing perfection. Renowned for its world-class terrains and the legendary Highland Bowl, it lures the experienced who seek challenges beyond the ordinary. The skiable area here stretches across 1,040 acres, ensuring there's ample space to carve out your own adventure on the snow. Additionally, the mountain boasts a vertical drop of 3,635 feet, providing an exhilarating sense of height and grandeur. Reaching the top might require a hearty hike, but the reward? Sweeping views and exhilarating descents that etch themselves into memory. But Aspen Highlands isn't exclusive to the pros. Its meandering intermediate trails offer family-friendly fun, and the après-ski scene here is vibrant, characterized by live music, gourmet food stalls, and a jubilant atmosphere that celebrates every descent.

Rio Grande Trail

Stretching 42 miles from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, the Rio Grande Trail is both a scenic marvel and a testament to Colorado's rich history. Once a railroad corridor, today it invites cyclists, runners, and walkers to explore its paved and gravel pathways. As you journey along, you're flanked by the Roaring Fork River, dense groves of aspen trees, and open meadows, making it a haven for wildlife spotting. The trail also offers numerous rest areas and picnic spots, perfect for those wishing to take a moment and soak in the surrounding beauty. In the winter months, parts of the trail transform into cross-country skiing routes, while other sections maintain their appeal for brisk, snowy walks. Additionally, informative plaques can be found along the way, offering insights into the region's railroad and natural history. Art installations dot the trail, adding a contemporary touch to your journey. Whether you're on a leisurely stroll, an endurance run, or a bike ride, the Rio Grande Trail promises serenity and scenery in equal measure.

Silver Queen Gondola

Elevate your Aspen experience, quite literally, aboard the Silver Queen Gondola. Climbing to the summit of Aspen Mountain, this 20-minute ride offers unparalleled views of the Elk Mountain Range. Notably, the gondola is equipped with spacious cabins, often playing soft music, ensuring a comfortable and serene journey upwards. Each cabin can accommodate up to six people, making it perfect for families or groups wanting to soak in the views together. Moreover, during the summer months, special sunset rides are offered, allowing passengers to witness the sky painting itself in hues of gold and crimson. The gondola isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an experience. As you ascend, watch the town shrink below, while the horizon broadens, revealing a mesmerizing alpine panorama. At the summit, indulge in activities ranging from yoga sessions to disc golf, or simply bask in the glory of the Rockies. And when winter descends, the gondola becomes the chariot for skiers, delivering them to the snow-laden playground above.

Crater Lake Trail

Originating from Maroon Bells, the Crater Lake Trail beckons adventurers with a promise of pristine wilderness. Spanning 3.6 miles round-trip, this moderate hike offers glimpses of cascading waterfalls, dense aspen forests, and alpine meadows teeming with wildflowers. Along the way, hikers might spot various wildlife, such as mule deer, elks, and diverse bird species, enhancing the trail's allure. The elevation gain of about 500 feet during the hike adds to the challenge, but also ensures rewarding vistas as you progress. Moreover, there are strategically placed benches and rest spots, allowing hikers to take a moment, breathe, and immerse themselves in nature's symphony. The trail culminates at Crater Lake, a glacial wonder that mirrors the Maroon Bells' majesty. While summer sees a surge of hikers, fall offers a spectacular display as the aspen trees don a golden hue, creating a contrast against the backdrop of the rugged peaks. Remember to carry your camera; every bend on the trail offers a postcard-perfect frame.

Aspen Whitewater Rafting

Thrill-seekers, this one's for you. Challenge the roaring rapids of the Roaring Fork River with Aspen's Whitewater Rafting. Navigating through turbulent waters, surrounded by the towering canyons, is both a test of mettle and an immersive nature experience. The auditory sensation of the river's roar, combined with the cool splashes of water, fully engages the senses, making it an adventure like no other. Along the way, the quieter stretches allow you to marvel at the diverse ecosystem of the river, including various bird species and aquatic life. In certain sections, the river widens, revealing pristine beaches where rafters can pause for picnics or simply to soak in the surrounding beauty. Guided tours, equipped with experienced rafters, ensure that safety never takes a back seat to the thrill. Whether you opt for the Slaughterhouse Falls, an intense adrenaline rush, or the gentler sections perfect for families and first-timers, white-water rafting in Aspen guarantees heart-pounding moments and memories that cascade through time.

Glenwood Springs

Just a stone's throw from Aspen lies Glenwood Springs, an oasis of relaxation renowned for its natural hot springs. The largest of its kind in the world, the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a sprawling expanse of mineral-rich waters that beckon visitors year-round. Imagine submerging into soothing warmth while surrounded by snow-capped peaks – it's a juxtaposition of elements that's purely therapeutic. Beyond the springs, Glenwood is an adventurer's paradise with its cavern adventures, paragliding experiences, and the scenic Glenwood Canyon awaiting exploration. The town is steeped in history, with landmarks like the historic Hotel Colorado that once played host to personalities like Teddy Roosevelt. Glenwood Springs is also a hub for delicious culinary delights, featuring a plethora of local eateries that offer dishes ranging from gourmet to comfort food. And for those who want to combine relaxation with recreation, the local Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves provide a unique underground steam bathing experience, harnessing the therapeutic properties of the mineral vapors.

Ashcroft Ghost Town

A poignant relic of the Colorado Silver Boom, Ashcroft Ghost Town stands frozen in time. Once a bustling mining town boasting a population of over 2,000 in the late 1800s, it now lies abandoned, a silent testament to dreams and determinations of yesteryears. Wander amidst its deserted streets, and you'll come across the remnants of old saloons, hotels, and post offices, each echoing stories from the past. Guided tours breathe life into these tales, painting a vivid picture of Ashcroft's heydays. The town also served as a filming location for several movies, adding a touch of Hollywood to its storied past. When visiting, be sure to stop by the Ashcroft Museum, where artifacts and photographs further illuminate the town's rich history. Surrounded by the White River National Forest, the panoramic views and serene ambiance of Ashcroft make it a perfect spot for reflection, blending natural beauty with historical resonance.

Wheeler Opera House

Since 1889, the Wheeler Opera House has been Aspen’s cultural heartbeat. An architectural masterpiece, it stands as a bridge between Aspen's mining past and its current stature as a global cultural hub. Its ornate interiors, adorned with Victorian embellishments, come alive with performances that range from soul-stirring operas to contemporary concerts. The venue has seen some of the greatest talents grace its stage, becoming an iconic stop for many renowned artists on their tours. Additionally, the Opera House plays a significant role during the Aspen Filmfest, showcasing cinematic masterpieces to enthusiasts from all corners. Its intimate seating ensures that every audience member feels closely connected to the performance, making it a cherished venue for both artists and attendees. The Opera House isn't just for evening entertainment; its daytime tours reveal intriguing anecdotes and secrets of this historic venue. Whether you’re catching a world-class show or simply admiring its architectural grandeur, the Wheeler Opera House guarantees an encore experience.

North Star Nature Preserve

Nature in its purest form awaits at the North Star Nature Preserve. Encompassing 175 acres, it's a serene sanctuary nestled along the Roaring Fork River. Its wetlands, meadows, and forests are teeming with wildlife, from elusive elks to melodious songbirds. A notable feature of the preserve is its emphasis on passive recreation, encouraging visitors to engage with the environment in non-disruptive ways. The preserve also holds significant historical importance, as Native American tribes once relied on its abundant resources, and remnants of their presence can still be discovered. Additionally, during winter months, the preserve transforms into a wonderland, with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing becoming favored activities. Float trips on the river offer a unique vantage point to appreciate the preserve's beauty, with the majestic peaks of the Elk Mountains forming a perfect backdrop. Those preferring land can tread the pedestrian trails, each winding through ecosystems that change with the seasons. For a moment of quiet reflection or a day of nature immersion, the Preserve promises solace and splendor.

Things to Do in Aspen in Winter

Aspen, blanketed in snow, is a wonderland. The town transforms, offering activities that embrace the chill.

Ice Skating 

Glide gracefully (or not so gracefully) on Aspen's numerous ice rinks. The ambiance, especially during evenings, is magical, with twinkling lights illuminating your pirouettes and spins.

Dog Sledding

Traverse Aspen’s snowy landscapes led by a team of enthusiastic huskies. Feel the exhilaration of speeding through pristine terrains, guided by skilled mushers and their loyal canine companions.

Snow Tubing

For pure, unadulterated joy, snow tubing is the answer. Let gravity take control as you slide down snowy slopes, laughing all the way.

Cross-Country Skiing

 For those seeking tranquility, cross-country skiing offers a rhythmic escape. Traverse snow-laden meadows and forests, with only the sound of skis breaking the winter silence.


A colossal playground for winter sports enthusiasts. Snowmass is a sprawling expanse of ski terrains, snowboarding parks, and cozy lodges. It's not just a mountain; it's a winter festival waiting to be experienced.

Wrapping Things Up

Aspen is more than just a pinpoint on a map; it embodies an evolving narrative that interweaves heart-pounding escapades, serene natural sanctuaries, deep-seated histories, and a vibrant tapestry of cultural experiences. With the changing of each season, new tales unfurl, inviting travelers to immerse themselves, to create and treasure memories.

When the Rockies come to mind, let it not just be about towering peaks and vast terrains. Envision Aspen. This is a realm where every moment, every encounter, is elevated — in both the tangible sense of its high-altitude splendor and the profound, transformative experiences it offers.

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