The Best Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

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Whether you’ve been together a few weeks or several years, dates are an integral part of any relationship. Spending quality time together allows you to connect (or reconnect) with one another and foster deeper communication. Plus, they’re just plain fun.

Here’s the thing. When stuck, you might start recycling date ideas, which, unfortunately, can become boring after a while. You want to spice things up for you and your partner, but you’re struggling to come up with something different.

Finding new, fun date ideas in Colorado Springs can be a challenge when you feel like you’ve already done it all. So, what can you do to mix up your dates and keep things fresh? Don’t worry — we’ve got five suggestions you’ve got to try.

Experiences Over Materials

Some of the best dates aren’t about doing something together but experiencing something together. You aren’t sitting side by side passively watching a movie while not talking to one another. Instead, you’re actively participating in a shared activity or adventure. These engaging and intimate experiences create memories that can last a lifetime.

A study published in 2020 supports the idea that experiences bring more pleasure than material purchases. Researchers first randomly broke participants into two groups (experiential and material) and monitored their emotions throughout the day. They then conducted a second study in which they surveyed the happiness of more than 5,000 people who had consumed an experiential or material purchase within the last hour. Both studies found that individuals enjoying an experience were happier.

Other research shows that while people may get pleasure from material purchases, it tends to be short-lived. On the other hand, experiences bring longer-lasting happiness. That’s because a person’s experiences are a more significant part of who they are. In other words, your experiences are what make you, you. Sharing them with your partner gives you things that you can bring you closer together, deepen your connection, and strengthen your relationship.

Unique Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

Are you ready to shake things up and try some new date ideas in Colorado Springs? Check out some of these unique experiences:

1. Travel Back in Time With Some Classic Arcade Games

Walking through the doors of Supernova Bar and Arcade, you’ll encounter wall-to-wall old-school games playing catchy video game tunes and trippy lights that transport you back to the 80s and 90s. Challenge your partner to a few rounds of the top retro games, including Street Fighter, Shinobi, Joust, and DigDug, and see who can get the high score in skeeball or pinball. When you need a break, grab a beer or cocktail and refuel with delicious bar bites such as Mortal Kombat mac, Super Mario wings, or a spicy Double Dragon chicken sandwich.

If you travel a little further out of Colorado Springs, you can go even further back in time at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade. Believe it or not, many of the games still cost — wait for it — a penny! Others cost up to $1.50, so you’ll want to bring some quarters. Some games dispense tickets that you can exchange for prizes, giving you the complete old-school arcade experience.

2. Explore Your Artistic Side With a Twist

Relax, “un-wine” (as the studio says), and release your inner artist with your partner at Painting with a Twist. When you sign up for a date night event, you and your partner will get to create a complementary pair of paintings (along with a glass of wine or beer) that become one beautiful piece of art when you put them together.

Paint with a Twist features a variety of paintings for couples to paint together — seasonal landscapes, decorative wood board signs, and even funny self-portraits. No matter what class you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable experience you and your partner can treasure for years to come.  

3. See Colorado Springs From a Different Angle

Why explore a small part of Colorado Springs when you can see it all from high up in the air? Experience the ride of your life with your partner while enjoying views of picturesque mountains and sweeping plains from the basket of a hot air balloon ride. If you have it in you to get up early — we know not everyone does — you can watch the sunrise with a morning flight with Rainbow Ryders. Alternatively, you can schedule a ride to watch the sun go down. Either way, you’re bound to share an unforgettable experience.

4. Dine Together a Little Differently

There’s nothing inherently wrong with going to a restaurant and enjoying a meal together. After a while, however, it can get a little repetitive, especially if you tend to visit the same places and order the same dishes.

Intueat invites you and your partner to experience dining a little differently. Several of Intueat’s professional chefs host dining experiences, during which you can enjoy a multi-course meal in a much smaller, more intimate setting. Some also host cooking classes periodically. You and your partner can get hands-on to hone your cooking skills and expand your recipe repertoire. After enjoying what you’ve made together, you’ll get to take what you’ve learned and recreate it at home. And there’s very little more romantic than cooking together in the kitchen.

What if you want to share a romantic meal at home but don’t feel like cooking (or cleaning up afterward)? Intueat has you covered there, too. You can share a memorable dining experience from the comfort of your own home any night of the week without the need to cook or clean by hiring a professional chef. Browse Intueat’s available chefs, read their bios, and select the one you’d like to prepare your meal.

All chefs bring everything necessary to prepare your food, including ingredients, cooking equipment, dishware, glasses, and utensils. They’ll even take care of cleaning up after. You get to enjoy the experience of a romantic meal at home without any of the responsibility.

Why Mixing It Up Is a Good Idea

We’ve all heard that dates are good for a relationship. Even couples who’ve been together for decades can benefit from getting out of their routines and experiencing something different. Outside of the usual perks of fostering communication, boosting intimacy, and decreasing stress, going out on dates can:

  • Increase happiness (not just in your relationship, but overall, too)
  • Promote a better sex life
  • Decrease the risk of divorce for married couples
  • Improve the lives of your children

In essence, dating is good for you and your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Plan Your Next Date Night in Colorado Springs

Are you ready to start planning some unique, fun dates in Colorado Springs? Allow Intueat to help make your experiences more memorable with dining experiences, cooking classes, or an in-home, professionally-cooked meal. For more information or to find your perfect personal chef, visit Intueat today!

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