8 Reasons You Can Afford the Cost of a Private Chef

Collaborate and design the perfect menu with your Chef.

Private chefs aren't just for the rich anymore. 

More and more people are hiring private chefs to whip up delicious meals for events, special occasions, and even day-to-day cooking. The shift is so dramatic that the number of chefs in the U.S. is supposed to increase by 15.4% through 2031. 

If the price tag of hiring a chef has held you back before, it's time to rethink. Wondering what's the cost of private chef services today? Private chef costs can vary, but it's actually much more affordable than you might think.

Top Reasons You Can Afford the Cost of a Private Chef

While price is something to consider when hiring private chefs, another thing to think about is all the other benefits that come with it. There are several amazing reasons to hire a private chef besides just getting to eat a delicious meal. 

Here's some food for thought when it comes to hiring your very own personal chefs.

More Affordable Than Many Overhyped Restaurants

You finally score a reservation at a hot, new restaurant only to realize the meal or the experience didn't live up to the hype.

Does this sound familiar? 

Popular eateries like these usually don't come cheap, which makes the experience even more of a bummer. 

With a personal chef, you get high-quality food in the comfort of your own home for less. You also get to personalize the menu how you like it. This helps to ensure that the meal you're paying for is nothing less than spectacular.

An Experience + Meal Two-in-One

Going out for a gourmet meal is an experience, but so is having a private chef prepare one for you that's tailored to your tastes and dietary needs. It's something fun and unique to enjoy with friends and family to mark a special occasion or event.

Further, it's more convenient and personalized than a restaurant meal, so everyone will be satisfied.

Think of it as being pampered for the evening since you'll enjoy a mouth-watering meal with none of the stress of preparing it yourself!

The Cost Varies

It's important to note that the cost of a private chef depends on several different factors. 

The exact personal chef cost may vary as each chef sets their own rate. This takes various things into account, including the following:

  • Skill
  • Prep time
  • Ingredient costs
  • Number of people they will be cooking for 

As it's not a one-size-fits-all formula, you can shop around for chefs by providing details of the meal you're envisioning. From there, narrow down your options by asking for an estimated price per person or hour.

Many personal chefs are capable of giving you an accurate estimate and helping you tweak your menu options.

Saves Your Time + Energy

One of the major perks included in the cost of a private chef is that there's very little work to be done on your part. 

After discussing menu options, your chef will take care of everything else. That includes grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Hiring a private chef is a supreme version of meal planning, where there's no food preparation or meal prep.

It really is just as convenient as going out for a meal in a gourmet restaurant, but it's in the comfort of your home.

An Investment in Your Relationship

Shake things up for your next date night by hiring a private chef instead of going out. This can be a fun experience to do together, as you can create a menu that's completely tailored to your tastes. 

In addition to discussing the main dishes, you can ask your chef to add romantic elements to your meal. These might include a perfectly paired bottle of wine and a delectable dessert to finish things off. Consider adding a three course meal into your romantic menu planning.

This night is all about the two of you, so you can indulge and live it up a little.

Split Costs With a Group

Hiring a chef for a private dinner party is an excellent idea. Not only will you get the culinary delight of a truly delicious meal, but you can also split the cost of it between the diners. Some chefs charge by the hour instead of per person, so this can work to your advantage if you have a larger group to feed. 

Keep this option in your back pocket for something like a vacation with extended family, a neighborhood block party, or a corporate event for work.

This gives everyone a chance to kick back and relax without having to worry about planning or prepping.

One Cost Covers All Items

If you're planning a dinner party or event, you're most likely going to be on a budget. Hiring a chef helps you stick to that budget, as everything is included in one cost with no surprises later. 

Everything is bundled under the sticker price, so you can accurately plan your event's food budget. The price set by your INTUEAT chef covers everything they need to get the job done.

Leftovers Are Always an Option

When you hire a private chef, you'll never have to worry about going hungry. 

At some events, especially fancier ones, it may be frowned upon to ask for leftovers to take home for later. Since you're paying your chef, anything that's left after the meal is yours to munch on later. 

You could also ask your chef to prepare some extra portions just for that purpose. This way, you don't have to worry about cooking the day after hosting a party or event.

Hire a Top Private Chef With INTUEAT

Hiring an affordable private chef has never been easier than with INTUEAT. Check out our selection of vetted chefs on our site or app to discover the culinary worlds that they open up to diners. Each chef's profile shows their specialty cuisines and describes their style, so you can get a feel for how they cook.

Also handy, each profile features the private chef cost of services, so you can take that into account when budgeting.

Once you've found a chef, reach out to them, and you'll get a response within 24 hours regarding their availability. From there, you can work with your private chef to collaborate and create the perfect menu for your event. 

So, what are you waiting for? Finding excellent personal chef services is easy and affordable with INTUEAT!

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