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Colorado Springs: An Epicenter of Vibrant Vegan Cuisine

As the fresh, crisp air of the Rockies breathes life into Colorado Springs, it also nourishes a rapidly growing culinary scene rooted in plant-based ethos. A diverse and flavorful array of vegan restaurants now dots the city, each one promising an experience that blends tradition, innovation, and tantalizing taste. Settle in for a gastronomic journey through this vibrant vegan landscape.

Next, we wander into The Burrowing Owl. This all-vegan bar marries innovative cocktails with comfort food that pushes the envelope of vegan cuisine. The ambiance exudes a cozy, bohemian charm, complemented by the tantalizing scent of freshly cooked jackfruit tacos or zesty buffalo cauliflower. Add to that a commendable commitment to locally sourced produce and ethical food practices, and it becomes clear why The Burrowing Owl is a local favorite.

From there, we are whisked away to a Mediterranean culinary oasis at the Mediterranean Cafe. The venue serves a fusion of Middle Eastern and European flavors that demonstrate the broad spectrum of vegan possibilities. The menu pays homage to traditional Mediterranean fare, with a vegan twist. Savor mouthwatering falafel balls packed with flavor, or a plate of dolmas, their vine leaves delicately wrapped around a filling of aromatic rice.

We then head to The Carter Payne. This venue, which resides within a historic church, showcases a seasonal menu that provides an authentic taste of Colorado's freshest produce, with a vegan twist. The Carter Payne's menu changes with the seasons, making each visit a unique culinary adventure. From light, crisp salads in the summer to warming, hearty stews in the winter, each dish is a loving tribute to the bounty of Colorado's natural produce.

Next up is Sherpa Garden Restaurant & Bar, a treasure trove of authentic Nepalese cuisine with a vegan slant. Nestled in a cozy setting that transports you straight to the Himalayas, this restaurant offers a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The chefs prepare each dish, like saag tofu and vegetable korma, with utmost care and attention, infusing it with traditional Nepalese flavors that linger in the memory.

We then find ourselves at Trinity Brewing, a beacon of the American craft beer scene with a decidedly vegan twist. Known for their eclectic range of craft beers and innovative vegan food, Trinity Brewing reminds us that comfort food and plant-based cuisine can go hand in hand. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy, house-made veggie burger or a slice of artisanal vegan pizza while savoring a glass of locally brewed beer.

Our culinary journey takes an exotic turn at Little Nepal: Indian Restaurant & Bar. A warm, inviting eatery, Little Nepal serves up a delightful array of vegetarian and vegan Indian dishes. The restaurant captures the vibrancy and diversity of Indian cuisine, from perfectly spiced curries to aromatic biryanis, served with traditional Indian breads. The vegan options here are numerous and richly flavored, making it a must-visit destination for lovers of Indian cuisine.

At Adam’s Mountain Cafe, you're welcomed by the inviting, rustic ambiance that complements their eclectic menu perfectly. The cafe emphasizes organic, locally-sourced ingredients, making each dish a wholesome treat. Here, you can dig into a bowl of vegan pasta topped with vibrant, locally-grown vegetables or tuck into a juicy veggie burger paired with a side of sweet potato fries. The menu changes seasonally, making each visit a chance to discover a new plant-based favorite.

Our gastronomic voyage takes us to the bustling, vibrant hub that is The Joint Vegan Street Food. With a menu that celebrates the bold flavors and inventive spirit of street food, this locale is a hit among locals and tourists alike. Indulge in buffalo cauliflower tacos with a spicy kick, or savor a BBQ jackfruit sandwich that will have you questioning the need for traditional meats. Each dish is a testament to the fun, exciting side of vegan dining.

Next, we arrive at Everest Nepal Restaurant Colorado Springs, situated in the scenic foothills of the Rockies. The restaurant offers an immersive dining experience, serving authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine with a range of vegan options. The menu, filled with dishes like palak tofu and vegan momos, paints a picture of Himalayan food culture that is as flavorful and vibrant as the region itself.

Our journey takes a sweet turn at Sweet Elizabeth's Organics. This dedicated gluten-free and vegan bakery crafts desserts that would make anyone with a sweet tooth swoon. From beautiful custom cakes adorned with edible flowers to decadent cupcakes topped with fluffy vegan frosting, each treat is crafted with love and creativity. It's proof that vegan desserts can be as stunning and indulgent as their traditional counterparts.

Next, we journey to Elephant Thai, where the vibrant flavors of Thailand are carefully crafted into a range of delectable vegan dishes. Whether it's the spiciness of their green curry tofu or the sweet and tangy flavors of vegan Pad Thai, the restaurant's menu takes you on a culinary journey to the heart of Thailand. Coupled with the friendly service and an authentic Thai atmosphere, Elephant Thai truly offers a dining experience like no other.

Our taste buds are next tantalized at The Impossible Shop, a haven for lovers of the famous Impossible Burger. This shop specializes in creating delectable plant-based burgers that mimic the taste and texture of meat, showcasing how plant-based alternatives can satisfy even the most ardent meat-lovers. Pair an Impossible Burger with their perfectly crispy fries for a meal that is both delicious and guilt-free.

We then refresh ourselves at Nourish Organic Juice, where a rainbow of fresh, organic juices and smoothies awaits. Along with a range of cold-pressed juices, Nourish offers an array of salads, wraps, and energy balls, each one a testament to the power of raw, organic foods. It's the perfect place to refuel, whether after a hike in the nearby Rockies or simply in need of a nutritious, plant-based boost.

From there, we head to Monse’s Taste of El Salvador, an eatery that brings a vibrant slice of Central American cuisine to Colorado Springs. With an array of vegan-friendly Salvadoran dishes on the menu, Monse's offers a unique dining experience. Their pupusas, filled with beans and vegan cheese, are a must-try, delivering a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Coupled with the warm hospitality and homely decor, this restaurant truly offers a glimpse into the heart of El Salvador.

Next, we visit Mountain Mama Natural Foods, which doubles as an organic grocery store and a vegan-friendly eatery. Offering freshly made soups, sandwiches, and more, Mountain Mama serves food that is as fresh as it gets. The welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the wealth of natural, organic products on offer, makes this place a haven for those in search of wholesome, plant-based options. Whether you're enjoying a bowl of their homemade soup or shopping for organic produce, it's a place that truly embodies the spirit of healthy living.

Our gastronomic adventure concludes at Asian Pacific Market, an expansive supermarket offering a range of vegan-friendly Asian delicacies. In the bustling food court, you'll find everything from delectable vegan sushi to flavorful stir-fried vegetables. And with its extensive range of Asian produce and goods, this market provides all the ingredients needed for creating your own vegan Asian delicacies at home.


In the heart of Colorado Springs, a vibrant vegan dining scene thrives against the stunning backdrop of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. A wealth of restaurants, each with a unique take on plant-based dining, offers a culinary journey like no other. From the streets of Thailand to the heart of the Himalayas, from gourmet dining to hearty comfort food, the city's vegan restaurants offer a myriad of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The vegan culinary scene in Colorado Springs is a testament to how far vegan cuisine has come. These restaurants offer dishes that are innovative, bursting with flavor, and more importantly, satisfying. And it's not just about catering to the vegan population - it's about offering meals that are so delicious, they entice even the staunchest meat-eaters. Each eatery, in its own unique way, is a true ambassador of plant-based cuisine.

What sets Colorado Springs apart is its commitment to quality and authenticity. The restaurants source locally produced, fresh ingredients, often organically grown, ensuring that every dish is not just flavorful, but also wholesome and sustainable. These restaurants also understand that dining is more than just a meal - it's an experience. From the ambiance to the service, they strive to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on their patrons.

The ever-evolving vegan scene in Colorado Springs is indicative of a larger global trend. As more people adopt plant-based diets for health, ethical, and environmental reasons, restaurants are responding by offering more diverse and innovative vegan options. The city's thriving vegan restaurant scene stands as a testament to the potential of plant-based cuisine, showing that vegan food can be as diverse, delectable, and satisfying as any traditional fare.

These restaurants are not just catering to a niche - they're paving the way for a more sustainable and compassionate food culture. By showcasing the endless possibilities of vegan cooking, they're changing perceptions about what it means to eat plant-based food. Whether you're a lifelong vegan, a curious omnivore, or simply a food lover, these restaurants offer a culinary experience that delights the palate and feeds the soul.

In essence, the vegan dining scene in Colorado Springs is a celebration of the beautiful potential of plant-based cuisine. It's a testament to the joy of eating food that is kind to our bodies, the planet, and all living beings. It's a reminder that food can be so much more than just fuel - it can be an adventure, a joy, a source of connection. So the next time you're in Colorado Springs, embark on a vegan culinary adventure - a journey that will delight your taste buds and maybe even change the way you think about food.

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