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There's nothing that a true foodie loves more than a delicious meal prepared by one of the best chefs in the world. However, despite the seemingly endless number of restaurants opening in every city, only a small percentage of chefs can call themselves “five-star chefs.”

If you're unsure what a five-star chef is or where to find a five-star chef, you're not alone! This article will explain the difference between a Michelin Star chef and a five-star chef and provide information about where to find them. 

Michelin Star Chefs and The Rating Scale 

The Michelin Star rating system was originally created in 1926 for French restaurants and further tailored in 1931 to the system we understand it to be today. A Michelin starred chef is an incredibly talented individual. The current Michelin Star ranks restaurants from one to three Stars are defined in the following ways:

One Michelin Star 

“Using top quality ingredients, where dishes with distinct flavors are prepared to a consistently high standard.”

Two Michelin Stars 

“The personality and talent of the chef are evident in their expertly crafted dishes; their food is refined and inspired.”

Three Michelin Stars 

“The superlative cooking of chefs at the peak of their profession; their cooking is elevated to an art form, and some of their dishes are destined to become classics.”

This has become the standard metric for truly excellent food, and chefs worldwide have spent their entire careers trying to gain their first Michelin Star. Although three Stars is the highest possible honor, getting one Michelin Star is a dream for most chefs, much less the most Michelin Stars. Further, anyone can earn a Michelin Star from a spanish chef to a french chef and from the youngest chef to the oldest chef.

This system of ranking cooking has become the standard in the culinary world from which the current five-star chef system has deviated.

What Is a Five-Star Chef?

Although Michelin Stars are the gold standard for rating chefs, many restaurants are ranked on another scale in the United States. The most common five-star rating comes from the Forbes Travel Guide, which ranks the quality of various restaurants and hotels in the country. 

Executive chefs at restaurants that win five stars are considered five-star chefs, which is an honor. Five-star chefs typically have years of experience, and like Michelin Star chefs, their cooking presents something unique and individual. 

In addition to having expert cooking skills, five-star chefs will need to manage all aspects of running a kitchen, including hiring, managing the sous chef and other cooks, overseeing inventory, and more. 

To be a five-star chef, individuals must balance their creative and business acumen. 

Becoming a Five-Star Chef

There is no specific roadmap to becoming a five-star chef, and many executive chefs slowly work their way up from non-cooking kitchen positions like dishwashing through years of hard work and dedication to their craft. 

However, most five-star chefs receive some level of professional training to ensure they understand the fundamental basics of cooking and the industry. Therefore, the traditional route for five-star chefs begins with attending culinary school. 

After attending culinary school, most chefs get a job as line cooks and work their way up the ranks until eventually becoming head chefs. 

Duties of a Five-Star Chef

Five-star chefs have a lot more on their plate than just cooking. To maintain a five-star rating, chefs also have to manage the kitchen as well as the staff effectively. 

Typical duties of a five-star chef include:

  • Create a unique and flavorful menu that showcases their skills
  • Hire and train kitchen staff
  • Regularly rotate the menu and come up with specials to ensure new dishes are available
  • Ensure that inventory is appropriately managed so that ingredients don't run out on busy nights

In addition to the above duties, five-star chefs will need to deal with the day-to-day realities of working in and managing a kitchen. They are experts in crafting all kinds of delicacies from french cuisine to haute cuisine.

Maintaining Five-Star Status 

Even after attaining five-star status, professional chefs must work hard to maintain their reputation. Consistency is one of the critical components for defining a five-star chef, and if these chefs cannot consistently provide excellent meals, they risk losing their five-star status. 

In addition, constant innovation is required to ensure their meals are fresh, unique, and reflect a sense of self. Once a chef has attained five-star status, there is pressure to continue cooking at this level, or they may begin to lose stars. 

INTUEAT's Five-Star Chefs

What stands INTUEAT apart from other in-home cooking services is its commitment to attracting the best chefs in the business. With world-renowned chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa available for personal chef services, you can trust INTUEAT's resolution to expand the existing lineup of five-star chefs.

As you search for a personal chef, consider how INTUEAT differentiates the skill levels of the chefs for hire:

  • Emerging chef: Emerging chefs are exciting new chefs in the earlier stages of their careers. These chefs have undergone rigorous training and are constantly fine-tuning their unique cooking styles. 
  • Established chefs: Most professional chefs fall somewhere between emerging and veteran status, which is why they are called established chefs. This group of chefs has years of experience and a deep understanding of the cooking industry. They have proven themselves as skilled professionals and are working toward veteran status. 
  • Veteran chefs: These five-star chefs are experts at their craft and have honed their skills for years. When you book a veteran chef, you are guaranteed a true expert with a distinct style and area or areas of expertise.

Excellent Chefs for Any Occasion 

You can use INTUEAT to hire expert professional chefs to prepare meals for every occasion. From intimate romantic dinners to large corporate events and everything in between, INTUEAT allows you to hire some of the best chefs in the industry for your private events. 

You can even hire an INTUEAT chef for a private cooking class to teach you and your friends their cooking secrets!

Five-Star Chefs In Your Home 

When you go to a restaurant, you have to deal with a dinner rush, a limited menu, and all the other people interested in trying the chef's cooking. When you hire an INTUEAT chef, you can experience the best a five-star chef can offer.

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