Why Cooking Class Date Nights Never Go Out of Style

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Anyone who frequently enjoys a date night with their special someone knows the mark of a good evening together is a pleasant and memorable shared experience. You not only want to pick an activity both parties will like but also one that's worth reminiscing about. What better way to check all those date night boxes than to sign up for a cooking class for couples?

How Do Date Night Cooking Classes Work?

Most cooking classes function in the same format: a teacher, often a professional chef, walks attendees through the ins and outs of cooking a specific meal for two.

Everything needed for preparing the meal, from pots and pans to the required ingredients, is typically provided by the class, and at the end of the event, you and your partner will get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.   

How Much Does a Date Night Cooking Class Cost? 

No matter how much money you and your partner typically allocate for your scheduled date nights, there is a class option appropriate for every budget. These sessions can run anywhere from $35 to more than $300; such a broad spectrum allows a wide range of people to take a class. Plus, most cooking classes have one flat rate, meaning there's no need to worry about making multiple payments. 

How Many Other People Will Be There? 

At this point, you may think a cooking class sounds like a pretty worthwhile activity, but one factor may be keeping you on the fence: the other participants. The point of a date night is to spend some quality alone time with the person you care about; won't having other people in your class take away from that?

Unfortunately, for some, the answer is yes, and being in a small group kills the romance factor of the date. However, many enjoy the fun and camaraderie other couples can bring to the event and think their involvement only elevates the experience. 

As far as the specific number of participants is concerned, it varies depending on the popularity of the event and the space available at the venue. 

Good Old-Fashioned Fun

There are several advantages to enrolling in cooking classes, including but not limited to:

  • Learning new terminology: Have you ever followed a recipe and found yourself stumped by words like mince, sear, or fold? In a cooking class, you'll be exposed to terms like these and more, making you more knowledgeable in all things culinary and helping you better navigate meal preparations in the future. 
  • Being exposed to new ideas and foods: Maybe you and your significant other are the types to order the same dish every time you visit your favorite restaurant for date night. While sticking to old reliable favorites is always a safe bet, it can be fun to branch out and cook dishes you may not have eaten otherwise; a cooking class provides an easy opportunity to do just that. 
  • Honing basic kitchen skills: Cooking classes can not only expand your palate by exposing you to new foods, but it can also help you sharpen basic kitchen tasks like knife skills and meal prep. 

Besides those things, date night cooking classes are just plain fun! They're more exciting and creative than your usual dinner and a movie, and they show you've put actual thought into planning the evening. Plus, a good teacher will bring levity and a cheerful attitude to the event and encourage you and your partner to do the same. 

A quality cooking class will be educational but also laidback and comfortable. They can be great options for a first date that will really impress. You and your date can feel free to open up to one another while slicing and dicing, get a glimpse into each others' food preferences, and build rapport as you work together to create something delicious. 

Date Night Gift Ideas 

Once you and your significant other have tried a cooking class, keep the ball rolling and continue trying new activities. Other ideas for a fun night are as follows:

  • Wine tasting: A wine tasting session is an excellent choice for couples eager to spend an evening learning more about vino or simply wanting to sip something delicious. In addition to sampling yummy wines, these classes also provide attendees with tips on stocking their home bars, guidance for choosing wines that will please their taste buds, and general rules of thumb for pairing wines with specific dishes. 
  • Couples pottery: More creative pairs may appreciate the invitation to get down and dirty in a pottery studio. An instructor will walk you and your date through the ins and outs of turning an ordinary lump of clay into a bowl, vase, or mug, leaving you with a tangible reminder of your experience together. These classes are typically available for all levels. So, whether you and your partner have never touched a wheel before or are pottery pros, you'll be able to enjoy yourselves. 
  • Bourbon Trail: Should you and your significant other find yourself in Kentucky, the Bourbon Trail is a can't-miss date night. Plan your trip around a few of the Bluegrass State's 37 distilleries, sampling some of the best spirits it offers and touring the facilities that make them. This date can last anywhere from one night to one week, depending on how many stops the two of you want to make. So, do plan accordingly.
  • Adventure Trivia: A trivia-loving pair of people should add Adventure Trivia to their list of activities to do together. This Eddie Bauer game tests your knowledge of all sorts of locations, from the Inca Trail to the rivers of Soca, and has three difficulty levels to accommodate everyone. 

Each of these date night ideas is far too fun to keep to yourself. So, the next time you're searching for a perfect gift for a special couple in your life, consider gifting them one of the above experiences.

The Ultimate Romantic Date Night

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