6 Best Fall Dinner Party Ideas for Festive Gatherings

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It's that time of year when the weather starts to chill, and the air feels a little crisper each day. Leaves begin their slow change into colorful patterns, and seasonal treats start hitting the shelves. The best part of this transition into fall is hosting dinner parties and making memories that will last a lifetime. So break out the chicken stock and fall food styling expertise - it's time to host the dinner party of the season.

If you're looking to take a little stress out of the planning and preparation for your next fall dinner party, we've got a few tips that just might help. 

1. Add Fall Decor

Make a stunning first impression with entryway decorations. You don't have to get super creative or make an extensive setup to stand out. Adding simple touches to help greet your guests can make the space feel inviting and set the overall mood.

A few great options for the entryway include:

  • A neutral-colored vase with bright autumn leaves
  • Reusable pumpkins in a variety of sizes
  • A "Fall Season" sign

Additionally, adding a simple centerpiece to the family style dining room table can boost aesthetic appeal and tie the room together. You can get playful with this by using decorative pumpkins, candles, or even a small lantern with pinecones and leaves.

2. Set Up a Hot Toddy Station

You don't have to be a world-class bartender to keep your guests full of cheer. A mocktail or cocktail station can add fun and flavor to the evening. This works great as an icebreaker as guests arrive and keeps them from getting parched as they mingle. 

This autumnal recipe calls for a few simple ingredients and almost no effort.

  1. Brandy, whiskey, or rum
  2. Honey
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Hot water

As an extra boost of flavor, try adding a lemon wedge or cinnamon stick.

This classic drink, or your drink of choice, can make the evening feel effortless. Encourage your guests to pour themselves a drink and get comfy, and if they want to contribute their own flair to the party, then you can ask them to bring a drink of their choice (or the ingredients for it).

3. Introduce Fall Games

Fall-themed game nights are a great way to bond, share laughter, and create long-lasting memories. You don't have to go out and purchase the next popular game on the market to have fun, but you can turn old classics into themed fun. For example, Pictionary and Charades are well-known games that can be played with friends and families, and the rules are easy for everyone to understand. 

You can have everyone write a word or scenario that has to do with fall or thanksgiving and place them in a jar for each team to draw or act out, depending on the game.

4. Light Up Some Campfire Festivities

Fall is bonfire season. As warmer weather simmers down and the evenings become a little more chilly, take advantage of the night with some homemade warmth. You can build a nice fire, make s'mores, grab some blankets, and enjoy a cozy dinner as you share your favorite memories of the year and what everyone's excited about. 

5. Make the Event Themed

Halloween is right around the corner, along with several other holidays that can be backdrops for a fabulous fall dinner party. Making the night themed can add excitement and encourage everyone to get a little creative. Let's look at some Halloween ideas, for example.

Halloween Dinner Party Ideas

Carving pumpkins is a traditional favorite for those of us that love to get a little spooky, but there are plenty of other great activities you can do to keep the frightful festivities going all night. 

  1. Go bobbing for apples or oranges, or, if you're feeling adventurous, small bottles of liquor. Pro tip: a cauldron can make this extra fun.
  2. Have a costume contest and have guests vote for the winner. 
  3. Host a scavenger hunt for Halloween-related items — fake bones, prop ghouls and ghosts, or anything else eerie. Note: this is especially fun for family get-togethers. 
  4. Decorate spooky cookies together.

Looking to take the stress off the big night and make sure you get to pay attention to your guests? Try prepping some of the more time-consuming dishes the day before your party. It can save you from rushing and lets you spend more time enjoying the evening.

Best Fall Dinner Party Recipes

Your options are limitless when it comes to cooking an incredible fall dinner party menu - from roasted sweet potatoes to grilled butternut squash to a colorful green salad. Here are a couple of our fall favorites for a meal no one will forget.

Eggplant Parmesan

This savory dish makes roughly 12 servings and can take a little bit of time. You'll need to prepare a marinara sauce and assemble eggplant slices over paper towels on a rimmed baking sheet. Be sure you have a baking dish and skillet to use throughout the prep. Serve with a side of brussels sprouts or acorn squash.

You can check out the full recipe here

Caramel Spiced Pumpkin Parfaits

Talk about an unforgettable dessert. This treat only takes around 20 minutes to make and is relatively easy to prepare. You'll assemble four layers of deliciousness as follows before chilling the dish. Serve after a main course of beef stew or creamy soup with a side of sour cream cheese.

  1. Caramel sauce
  2. Pumpkin mousse
  3. Brown sugar whipped cream
  4. Cookie layer

Snag the ingredients list here

Menu Excellence With a Personal Chef

As fun as hosting a fall dinner party can be, you may not always have time to plan and prepare everything on your own. That's where INTUEAT comes in, allowing you to partner with private personal chefs to plan and prepare your meals. You can discuss your goals with your chef of choice and then let them handle everything, down to the tiniest details. 

Not only will you get to throw your next dinner party without feeling rushed or overwhelmed, but you'll get to sit back and enjoy it just as much as everyone in attendance. This gives you more time to make memories with the people you've invited — and you'll get to enjoy all the fall flavor foods while being known as the host with the most. 

The INTUEAT Process

Hiring a personal chef through INTUEAT is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Every chef is personally selected and vetted and has unique experience that can make your next dining occasion unforgettable. 

To start the process, you can follow these easy steps: 

  1. On INTUEAT's website, click the Get Started tab.
  2. Enter your date of choice, location, and projected headcount. 
  3. Review INTUEAT's list of personal chefs and pricing to find a good match.
  4. Verify your details and put in the address of the party.
  5. Click Reserve and put down a deposit.

Once the chef reviews your request, they can contact you to confirm and discuss details such as the menu, dietary restrictions, and more. 

With INTUEAT, you never have to worry about the stress of planning a dinner party again. Check out the chefs we partner with, and contact us with any questions or concerns as you start planning for the new season.

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