Reservation Issues During a Winter Trip? Try a Private Chef

Collaborate and design the perfect menu with your Chef.

There’s no better rush for ski lovers than a trip to the mountains in Colorado to experience a run down the powdery slopes with breathtaking views. A lot of time and detail goes into planning the perfect trip, including making dining reservations far in advance. Nothing puts a damper on a luxury ski/snowboard trip than canceled dinner plans. Here’s why you should consider ditching restaurants during your next ski vacation and instead opt for hiring a private chef for a luxurious culinary experience.

The Unexpected Stress of a Colorado Ski Vacation

The best-planned winter trips run into some snags from time to time, including snafus with restaurants. Even when you make your bookings with plenty of time to spare, last-minute cancellations or changes in plans can hinder an otherwise perfect getaway.

Reservations Are Required Months in Advance

In ski towns like Aspen, CO; Vail, CO; Beaver Creek, CO; Copper, CO; and Edwards, CO, it can be near impossible to get a reservation at the top eateries. These winter havens attract thousands of visitors annually during peak ski season. So, many towns, like Aspen, start taking reservations months before the season even begins. Places like Bosq, Cache Cache, and Clark’s Oyster Bar offer amazing dining experiences, but it’s tough to score a table for dinner every night of the week. Aspen’s top eateries open reservations in November or December either by phone or online. So, you have to be quick and decisive when making your plans.

Reservations Can Be Canceled

If you can score a reservation or two, cancellations can sometimes occur when the unexpected happens. Even the best restaurants sometimes have to cancel due to issues like overbooking, lost reservations, or simple communication mix-ups. While these are honest mistakes and restaurants hate to disappoint their customers, events like these can ruin an evening that you were looking forward to.

Restaurants can try to accommodate guests the best that they can when cancellations arise, but with in-demand eateries, it can be harder to work out. The restaurant might not have any availability in the foreseeable future, leaving you and your group high and dry.

Changing Minds and Changing Palates

While it’s always advisable to make your dinner reservations far in advance, one problem that can result from this is a change in plans over time. During the months from when you make your reservation to when the night actually arrives, you and your travel buddies might not have the same enthusiasm for going to that restaurant that you thought you would. A change of heart or a change in taste buds could mean that your carefully thought-out plans might not be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to deciding where to dine. Even though you want to have a gastronomic experience in one of the best restaurants in Aspen, you also need to be mindful of the group's changing tastes.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Chef for Your Vacation

If you want to dine well during your Colorado ski trip with fewer unexpected mixups, the natural solution is to hire a private chef. A private chef can be on-site, no matter where you are, to whip up culinary creations that rival those of any restaurant in town.

Last Minute Capabilities

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a private chef is that it doesn’t take months of planning and coordination to have an exquisite dining experience. Reaching out to your chef sooner rather than later is always a good idea so that they can prepare and get creative with your menu. A world-class, professional chef can adapt to any situation.

If you need a chef in a pinch, INTUEAT makes it easy since you can reach out to the chef of your choice and have a response within 24 hours. Once you connect with your chef, you can talk about all of the details together while planning a dining experience that fits in perfectly with your dream winter getaway.

Fine-Dining Experience

Private chefs are professionally trained and take their work very seriously. While they may have a cuisine or two that they specialize in, private chefs are highly-adaptable and can cater to all kinds of palates, events, and situations. This means that your private chef can create a dining experience for you that rivals or exceeds those that you’ll find in any restaurant. You and your travel companions can create a fine dining experience right in the comfort of your vacation home, with no reservation necessary.

Private Chef Experience

Private chefs go above and beyond just preparing delicious cuisine. They create an entire experience for their clients. Many throw in a bit of entertainment by throwing in some culinary knowledge and showing off their skills during the cooking process. Your chef will whip up a stellar meal and provide some banter to create an intimate experience that you wouldn’t get at a restaurant. This makes for a night that you and your guests won’t forget soon.

Catering to Changing Palates

Another big advantage of having a private chef is that they can adapt the menu to best suit your party’s tastes and needs. You can chat with your chef about likes and dislikes, along with any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Using their vast culinary knowledge, your private chef can tailor a menu that is sure to please both you and your tastebuds, keeping all these factors in mind. This is trickier in a restaurant, as substitutions can sometimes be frowned upon.

Any Kitchen, Any Time

Did you know that a private chef can adapt to cook in just about any kitchen? This includes a kitchen in an Airbnb or VRBO rental or even the penthouse or suite of a hotel like the Ritz Carlton Beaver Creek that comes equipped with a kitchen. You just need to provide the space. Your chef will come with all the ingredients and equipment that they need. 

INTUEAT: The Top Personal Chefs

INTUEAT’s team of professional private chefs for hire is just the thing you need for a truly relaxing winter vacation in Colorado. Browse the app, reach out to your chef, and you’ll be connected in less than 24 hours. Curating a unique, fine-dining experience within the comfort of your home couldn’t be any easier, thanks to INTUEAT.

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