Unveiling the Best Mexican Restaurants in Vail, CO

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Embark on a culinary journey with this comprehensive guide to the best Mexican restaurants in Vail, Colorado. Explore the myriad of options, from local taco joints to high-end dining experiences, and find the perfect place to satiate your Mexican food cravings. Don't forget to experience the unique offering of our INTUEAT Private Chefs. Immerse yourself in the colorful, flavorful world of Mexican cuisine in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Enjoy your culinary adventure!

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Vail, Colorado, where snow-covered mountain peaks stretch out as far as the eye can see, there lies a hidden culinary treasure. The vibrant food scene in Vail offers an enticing mix of cuisine, but the flair and flavors of Mexican food hold a special place here. From bustling taco joints dishing out mouth-watering street food to upscale restaurants serving traditional Mexican delights, the Mexican culinary scene in Vail is diverse and thriving. Whether you're a fervent foodie craving some spicy enchiladas, a burrito enthusiast, or a cocktail connoisseur seeking a tangy margarita, you're in for a treat. So, let's embark on this culinary journey through Vail, discovering the top Mexican restaurants that guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.

Los Amigos: A Friend Indeed

Los Amigos Nachos

High above Vail Village, Los Amigos overlooks the Gondola One, offering not just delectable food but a spectacular view of skiers gracefully navigating their way down the mountains. Los Amigos, as the name suggests, feels like a friendly place where the warm atmosphere is as inviting as the aroma wafting from the kitchen. The menu is loaded with Mexican favorites like enchiladas and chiles rellenos. If you're a tequila aficionado, their selection will certainly impress you, promising the perfect margarita to accompany your meal.

Address: 400 Bridge St, Vail, CO 81657

El Sabor: A Taste of Authenticity

Situated conveniently near the Eagle Bahn Gondola, El Sabor treats its guests to an authentic Mexican culinary experience with a gourmet touch. Their menu, inspired by traditional Mexican street food, impresses both casual diners and food connoisseurs. The legendary fish tacos, perfectly cooked and seasoned, have garnered rave reviews, while their unique take on Mexican corn off the cob is a delightful revelation. If you're in the mood for post-ski relaxation, their extensive collection of premium tequila and mezcal offers the perfect accompaniment to your meal, turning a simple dining experience into a festive celebration. The ambiance, mirroring the lively Mexican street scene, and their commitment to authenticity make El Sabor an indispensable part of the Vail culinary landscape.

Address: 660 Lionshead Pl, Vail, CO 81657

The Mexican Bar & Grill: A Culinary Fiesta

Occupying a cozy spot in the heart of Vail Village, The Mexican Bar & Grill offers a dynamic blend of traditional Mexican cuisine with a flair for seafood, making it a standout in the Vail dining scene. Freshly prepared guacamole, housemade salsas, and succulent seafood dishes fill the menu, promising a culinary experience reminiscent of a vibrant Mexican fiesta. The restaurant's signature cocktails, crafted with precision and creativity, perfectly complement the fare, accentuating the flavors and transforming each meal into a celebratory event. The Mexican Bar & Grill's commitment to authenticity, coupled with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensures a gastronomic journey that locals and tourists repeatedly return to, securing its place as an indispensable part of Vail's culinary culture.

Address: 160 Rail Rd Ave, Minturn, CO 81645

Rocky Mountain Taco: World's Most Best Taco

If you're looking for an informal dining experience without compromising on taste, then Rocky Mountain Taco is the place for you. This humble food truck, also known as the "World's Most Best Taco," serves a variety of Mexican street food, from traditional Al Pastor to the more adventurous "Bulldog" taco featuring slow-cooked Angus beef. 

Address: 41290 US-6 B-2 & B-3, Vail, CO 81657

Taqueria No Se Hagan Bolas: Street Food Par Excellence

Despite its playful name, Taqueria No Se Hagan Bolas is committed to providing a rich, flavorful experience that can rival any upscale restaurant. This beloved food truck is known for its irresistible tacos – al pastor, carnitas, and chorizo. But the real showstopper is their quesabirria, a lip-smacking amalgamation of quesadilla and birria, that will make you rethink everything you know about Mexican street food.

Address: 104 Beaver Creek Pl, Avon, CO 81620

Sabor Mazatlan: A Culinary Voyage to the Mexican Coast

In the heart of Vail's alpine landscape, Sabor Mazatlan offers a riveting culinary voyage to the vibrant coasts of Mazatlan, Mexico. The enchanting aroma of sea-salt blends with Mexican spices, transporting diners to the Pacific coastal city's bustling streets. The menu is an artistic culinary homage to Mexico's rich seafood heritage and traditional flavors. The tangy ceviche, a medley of fresh seafood marinated in lime, bursts with zestful vigor, while the camarones a la diabla, succulent shrimp bathed in a spicy sauce, delivers a thrilling, fiery twist. Sabor Mazatlan completes the seafood lover's journey with refreshing cocktails, crafting a gastronomic experience that echoes the rhythms of the ocean amidst the mountains.

Address: 150 E. Beaver Creek Blvd. A101 pox 9424, Avon, CO 81620

Minturn Saloon: A Rustic Retreat Steeped in History

Located a short drive from Vail, in the picturesque town of Minturn, the historic Minturn Saloon stands as a culinary legend. Since 1976, this rustic retreat has been serving a delectable mix of Mexican-inspired and American classics. The restaurant's vintage ambiance, characterized by creaking wooden floors and walls adorned with memorabilia, offers a nostalgic journey back in time. The Saloon's mountain nachos, a generous heap of tortilla chips layered with melted cheese, beans, jalapenos, guacamole, and sour cream, are a crowd favorite, mirroring the Rocky Mountain setting. The chile rellenos, large poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg batter, and deep-fried, bring forth the essence of Mexican cuisine. The Minturn Saloon, with its rustic charm and diverse menu, is an unforgettable culinary detour that adds depth to Vail's vibrant gastronomic scene.

Address: 146 Main St, Minturn, CO 81645

El Segundo Vail: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

If you're seeking a modern dining experience that pays homage to Mexican tradition, El Segundo is the place to be. This stylish restaurant stands out with its contemporary ambiance and elevated Mexican cuisine. Here, classic Mexican recipes are reinvented with innovative culinary techniques, creating unique dishes like the duck carnitas and wagyu carne asada. The carefully curated cocktail list, featuring inventive margaritas and an extensive collection of fine tequilas, is equally impressive.

Address: 223 Gore Creek Dr, Vail, CO 81657

La Cantina: Great Food at Great Prices

La Cantina, situated inside Vail's transportation center, offers an unexpected culinary haven amidst the hustle and bustle. Despite its unconventional location, this unpretentious restaurant has become a cherished locale for both locals and tourists, offering an array of mouth-watering yet affordable Mexican dishes. Their green chili, a house special, adds a comforting warmth to any dish, infusing a touch of home-cooked goodness. Their robust menu also features classics such as enchiladas, burritos, and tamales that have kept patrons returning time and time again. La Cantina's blend of convenience, affordability, and authentic flavor truly embodies the essence of great Mexican food, making it a must-visit spot in Vail.

Address: 241 S Frontage Rd E, Vail, CO 81657

INTUEAT Private Chefs: A Personalized Mexican Feast

Imagine enjoying the rich flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine from the comfort of your home or vacation rental. That's precisely what INTUEAT Private Chefs bring to the table. Our skilled chefs, armed with culinary expertise and a passion for Mexican cuisine, will craft a customized dining experience. Each dish, prepared with fresh, local ingredients, captures the spirit of Mexico in a way that is personal and indulgent. 


From Los Amigos to El Sabor, from our own INTUEAT Private Chefs to the humble yet magnificent offerings of La Cantina, this gastronomical tour promises a taste of Mexico in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Whether you're seeking a sit-down dining experience with panoramic mountain views or a quick bite from a beloved food truck, Vail's Mexican food scene promises a vibrant, diverse, and delicious experience.

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