7 Bachelorette Dinner Party Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Collaborate and design the perfect menu with your Chef.

Bachelorette parties are one of the few wedding-related events that allow the bride to be and her closest friends to blow off some steam and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. 

Whether you're planning a bachelorette weekend getaway or a single celebratory evening, these gatherings can get expensive quickly. If you're looking for fun and unique bachelorette ideas that won't cost an arm and a leg, you've come to the right place. 

These bachelorette party ideas are meant to cut down on the typical costs associated with bachelorette parties without sacrificing fun!

The Best 7 Bachelorette Dinner Party Ideas

Try out one of these seven bachelorette dinner party ideas to save a little money and have an amazing time with our favorite bachelorette party ideas. 

1. Hire a Chef With INTUEAT

Whether you take the weekend trip to Palm Springs or celebrate at home, you can curate one night of extravagance in cities across the United States. 

For a night of pure decadence, consider hiring a private INTEUAT chef. With INTUEAT, you can hire a professional chef in your area that will come to your home or venue and craft a fine dining, multi-course meal for you and your bridal party. 

With INTUEAT, you can find a chef that meets your needs and budget and book them for your private event. In addition, INTUEAT chefs come prepared with all the ingredients and supplies they need, so you don't have to worry about setting up, cooking, or cleaning. 

Hiring a chef with INTUEAT offers the elegance and quality of a fine-dining meal in the comfort and privacy of your own home, making this one of the most relaxing bachelorette party ideas. 

2. Garden Boho Picnic

Who said bachelorette parties had to go until the wee hours of the morning? Looking for unique bachelorette party ideas? Try out a garden boho picnic for an event you can transition from day to night. 

Whether you rent out a space at your local botanical garden or decorate your backyard, this affordable party idea is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Send out adorable boho themed bachelorette party invitations to set the mood. Think cute gingham blankets, picnic baskets with sandwiches and fresh fruit, and string lights for bachelorette party decorations. 

A garden boho picnic is the perfect setting for some quality time with your girls, and you can start as early in the day and go as late as you'd like!

3. Make Your Own Sushi Night

Hosting a sushi-making night will ensure you and your guests can enjoy a delicious dinner and a fun shared activity. When you opt to have a make-your-own sushi night, you have ample flexibility to create the occasion you're looking for. 

Sushi is the perfect choice for guests with dietary restrictions like gluten allergies, vegetarianism, or veganism. Whether you decide to strike out on your own or hire a private chef for a sushi-making cooking class, guests can create sushi rolls that reflect their personal preferences. 

4. Slumber Party Foods

Who doesn't love a good slumber party? The perfect call-back to your younger years, a sleepover dinner is an excellent mix if you're looking for a way to tie dinner into other activities. 

Set the bachelorette party theme by having everyone arrive in their coziest pajamas and get ready for a night of junk food, truth or dare, and your favorite teen movies. In addition to the classic slumber party dinner of delivery pizza, set up a table with snacks like popcorn, chips, and candy. 

If you're looking for fun bachelorette party ideas that costs next to nothing, it doesn't get much better than a slumber party. 

5. Brunch at Night

Breakfast for dinner, but make it classy! A brunch-at-night-themed dinner is a fun and unique way to celebrate the bachelorette and can be a much more affordable option than a traditional dinner. 

Consider setting up a brunch buffet featuring items like scrambled eggs, fresh-cooked bacon, and a DIY waffle bar. Bottomless mimosas can help set the atmosphere for the evening, and coffee cocktails can help bring the brunch theme to life. Plus, this idea requires only simple bachelorette party decor, meaning this is a fun girls night with less set-up stress.

6. Steak, Sip, and Paint

Unique bachelorette party activities are always a great idea! A twist on the classic paint-and-sip evening, steak, sip, and paint will make for a memorable and delicious bachelorette dinner for the art-loving or crafty bride in your life. Have a delicious steak meal prepared by a private chef, leaving you and your friends to focus on drinking and creating some art!

A steak, sip, and paint night is the perfect bachelorette party idea because you can create a keepsake that everyone will associate with the evening. 

Expert tip: Although the classic drink of choice at a paint-and-sip party is wine, feel free to have some fun with it! Creating a bride-themed cocktail for the evening will help create a festive atmosphere. In addition, make the painting for the evening bride-and-groom themed, with everyone painting a portrait of the happy couple. 

7. Farm-to-Table Eco Dinner

For the environmentally conscious bride, a farm-to-table eco dinner is an ideal way to celebrate. Farm-to-table cooking reflects the desire to eat seasonally available food that is locally sourced, allowing for some of the freshest-tasting meals possible. 

Decorate your table with some taper candles and fresh-cut flowers, and pair your meal with local wine or beer to create a classy and understated bachelorette dinner that allows the food to be the main event. 

Have the Best Bachelorette Party With INTUEAT

Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful and expensive, and meal planning becomes even more complicated when you have to consider various budgets and dietary preferences.

Booking a private chef through INTUEAT ensures you'll have a delicious, restaurant-quality meal prepared for you and your friends that takes into account the needs of everyone. When you book an INTUEAT chef, you can access some of your area's top chefs who will create a multi-course menu tailored to your needs, specifically for your event. 

Leave the dinner preparation and cleanup to the professionals and focus on planning the perfect bachelorette evening for you and your friends. A bachelorette party doesn't have to break the bank to be fun; try one of the ideas listed above for a memorable and affordable bachelorette party.

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